Faculty Strengthening and Fellowship

The PPSA Academic Affairs Division conducted a hybrid event entitled “Empowering Educators: Nurturing Flexible Learning Practices and Management for Outcomes-Based Education” and Faculty Strengthening and Fellowship on December 13, 2023, at the 4th Floor Heroes Hall, PPSC Head Office, Old Balara, Quezon City. It was graced by the Vice President of Academics, PPSC PBGEN VERT […]

Beat the Silence – Stand Up, Speak Out, Stop Violence!

“Violence against women is not just a woman’s problem; it’s a man’s problem. It’s a human problem.” – Kofi Annan The Philippine Public Safety Academy is one of the advocates for intensifying the campaign to end violence against women with the recurring theme “United for a VAW-free Philippines”. As one of the activities for the […]

Cdt 3C King Gaspar Calma

“In the quiet halls of PPSA, where dreams of becoming accountable leaders take root, there’s something exceptional about seeing one of its breeds taking a step forward.” On October 27, 2023, Mary the Queen College became the backdrop for a significant moment in one of the PPSA cadet’s life. Cdt 3C King Gaspar Calma stepped […]