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Info-drive on RA 11313 and Sexual Harassment at Camp Vicente Lim Integrated School

“School is our second home, and our teachers are our second parents. They are the ones who guide us, support us, and help us to grow into responsible adults.” – Unknown

In partnership with Camp Vicente Lim Integrated School, the Philippine Public Safety Academy continues its advocacy against violence against women through an Info-drive on RA 11313 and Sexual Harassment held on December 7, 2023, at 21st CLEM, Camp Vicente Lim Integrated School.

Teachers from the aforementioned school enthusiastically participated in an interactive discussion facilitated by FCINSP MARIO R TEOPE JR, Chief, Inspectorate and Legal Office/C,PRESD of PPSA. FCINSP TEOPE emphasized the importance of RA 11313, also known as the Safe Spaces Act, which aims to protect individuals from sexual harassment in various settings, including schools. He highlighted that understanding this law is crucial for both teachers and students to create a safe and respectful learning environment. Furthermore, he recommended the establishment of a Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI) in school which will play a vital role in ensuring that complaints of sexual harassment are thoroughly investigated and addressed, providing a sense of security and justice to those affected.

The said activity highlighted the roles of teachers in raising awareness for their students, colleagues, and the community where they belong regarding individual rights and their roles in combating violence and abuse for both men and women. As they say, the road to a VAW-free Philippines is not just a single person’s responsibility but everybody’s responsibility and accountability. Ultimately, this collective responsibility will lead to a society where everyone can live free from the fear of harassment and discrimination.

Together, we march forward for a VAW-free Philippines!





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