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Beat the Silence – Stand Up, Speak Out, Stop Violence!

“Violence against women is not just a woman’s problem; it’s a man’s problem. It’s a human problem.” – Kofi Annan

The Philippine Public Safety Academy is one of the advocates for intensifying the campaign to end violence against women with the recurring theme “United for a VAW-free Philippines”. As one of the activities for the 18-day campaign, the academy conducted a seminar on R.A. 9262 and other laws protecting women and their children on December 4, 2023, at the NFSTI Rizal Hall with Ms. Fatima Angelyn Garcia, Support Staff, Local Committee on Anti-Trafficking & Violence Against Women and their Children (LCAT-VAWC) as the Resource Speaker.

The seminar was participated by PPSA personnel and cadets. Moreover, the topics discussed enlightened everyone about the rights of women and their children and the existence of other laws related to their rights and protection. The seminar also broadened the view of women participants on their rights and other possible abuses they may encounter. It gave them a deeper understanding of cases that may be filed once these rights are violated. In addition, the male participants were also made aware of the possible consequences if they intended to violate the laws discussed.

The seminar also highlighted the significance of respecting women and girls and their rights promoting women empowerment and gender equality.

Together, let’s create a VAW-free Philippines!





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