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Organizational Leadership of the ruling class as Second-Class Cadets SANDIGMANLAYA Class of 2024

After triumphs over struggles inside the academy, the academics and tactics, drills, and ceremonies as Third-Class Cadets, Investiture Rites has come for the conferment with a regalia of recognition of the hard work, perseverance, and determination of the Upper-class Corps on December 13, 2023, at NJMPTI Social Hall, Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba, Laguna.

This momentous event is about the promotion and having another stripe that resembles a stride harder to exercise ‘Organizational Leadership’ of the ruling class as ‘Second-Class Cadets’. SANDIGMANLAYA Class of 2024 now assumes higher responsibilities as the highest-ranking mammals in the Corps of Cadets Philippine Public Safety Academy (CCPPSA). They have now a higher power that invites higher expectations that all members of the ruling class, Class 2024, as the expected models who embody excellence, discipline, competence, and character.

JSSUPT LEONALYN O OLOAN, MPSA, PPSA Director, led the donning of ranks and oath of promotion of the upper-class cadets. In her message, she highlighted the three insightful leadership lessons from the book ‘The Making of Captains of Lives’ by Chua Chin Kiat – that a leader must be persistent in doing what is right; he or she adds value to society; and a leader needs to put duty above comfort. She also emphasized the heart of leadership which is the character that defines every individual and guides their decisions and behaviors, and influencing others by leading by example with integrity, courage, and humility.

Through the words of encouragement, guidance, and wisdom of the academy director and other formation officers, the newly promoted cadets now live higher duties not just for the academy, but also, for the bureaus and country they will serve as public safety officers.




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